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I was calling real estate officers to list my house. After calling several offices, I was not too impressed. When I called Esther's office, it just happens she answered the phone. She was very familiar with the area and the recently sold properties. What impressed me the most was I called her back a week later and I said to her you probably don't remember me and she responded with "of course I remember you, Angelica, we talked last week." She was always available and always gave me updates on how the sales were going. She is very knowledgeable and made this transaction seem very easy.

We are very appreciative for the excellent work that Esther Viera performed at every level of the transaction. From the conception to close of escrow and even upon the delivery of the keys, the entire experience was outstanding. All exceeded our expectations. God Bless you Esther.

Esther is the best; she not only makes you feel completely confident in what she does for you but also like a good friend you can always count on!

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for you continued commitment, persistence and willingness to sell my property. Your dedication, hard work, and stamina are what make you so good at what you do. Most people would have given up after the first sale fell through, but you were determined to see this all the way through. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts, kindness, patience, and your determination. I will continue to refer your business and use your talent for my own benefit and for the benefit of others for both buying and selling properties. Your work ethic is nothing short of stellar and your friendship is something I will always hold near and dear to my heart. Thank you for not only being a friend, but for never giving up the fight. It's people like you that make this world a better place for all of us and I'm grateful for that.

We listed our two homes in Downey with Esther Viera. Our communication with Esther was excellent. She kept us well inform with details from contract to closing. I have referred Esther to my friends because we trust her she will give the same give the same service, she gave us.

Esther sold my house in Covina and we bought a house in Whittier too. We were delighted with both transactions. Overall, it was better than expected. She was always available, made sure things were done correctly, looked out for our interests, courteous, and very helpful.

In 2001 I purchased my first home in Whittier, CA. After working with various realtors in the area, it seemed that they were always looking to make a quick buck and only offered mediocre service and didn't have time.When I met Esther, she took the time to explain things in simple language that I could understand and was always available to answer questions. She was there in each step of the Real Estate process.

In January of 2009, I was financially ready to purchase my first house and was determine to be in it by the end of the year! The excitement, coupled with the prospect of first time home buyer tax breaks made house hunting seem like a breeze, but it was not as easy as it appeared. I started by using house hunting websites in the evenings after work, searching by location and price range. As luck would have it, there were very few regular sales and a larger selection of foreclosures and short sales. I was determined to stay away, having heard negative things about long closure time. The excitement dwindled as I realized the hardship of house hunting. Before I knew it, almost three quarters of the year had come and gone, when along came Esther Viera. Before working with Esther, I was less than impressed by the various real estate agents who had made their ways in and out of my house hunting journey. I found myself doing all the work and never seeing any results. As I was shopping around for loans, lenders would recommend agents, but I would politely refuse. Finally, an agent came through. Esther called and left several message, and thought my precious experiences made me hesitant, I called her back.I began the way I did with most agents; expressing my expectation, explaining teh type of house I wanted, the price range, etc. Esther was amazingly attentive and ran with the information that I gave her. Soon thereafter, my inbox was showered by several properties that fit my interests. Esther became so involved in my house hunting expedition and made so many things clear that had not been clear before. Her professionalism and pleasant demeanor made house hunting an absolute delight.Not long after Esther suggested properties, the ball was rolling and I made my first offer on a house. The anxiety of waiting and not knowing was nerve wracking. I eventually pulled out of the sale and Esther supported my decision, recommending that I be absolutely sure about my decision. She said that I didn't feel right and I put my trust in her completely. Now that I'm in my first home, I couldn't be happier that I took her advice.When I saw my house on the internet, I was unmoved by the pictures and the lack of better advertisement on the part of the selling agent. Fortunately, Esther drove to the house and allowed me an opportunity to see it for myself. I was marveled at the condition of the property. It had been completely remodeled and needed absolutely no work. After a few days of thinking it over, I was ready to make my offer and called Esther. Next, I had to undergo the longest thirty days of my life, but escrow closed and I was moving in . I was able to spend Thanksgiving in my beautiful new home. What a blessing and a dream come true! Thank you Esther!

I have purchased and sold several homes in the past and this was a great experience. We trusted Esther with every detail and felt assured that she had our best interest in mind. I will near use another agent. We had that "personal" touch. Always available!! We didn't have to deal with an ASSISTANT that has no info in regard to the status of escrow. Kudos to everyone that put this experience together. This was a sell & buy deal. Lots of details to keep track of. I'm positive that no-one else could have done a better job.

Thank you, Esther, for being so helpful. I was in the process of losing my house. You put your Short Sales skills to work, and in one month, you were able to save my home. You are a 5-star-service agent.

During the purchase process, we ran into a lot of problems, not because of Esther but the seller's agent. It turns out it was a Probate Sale, and the sellers' agent has no clue on what he had to do. Esther worked all the documents needed to close this transaction, including the seller's certificate. She negotiates with the courts and the attorney, and most importantly, she always kept in touch. If you ask me that another agent got paid for doing nothing. 

Esther was great. She is truly a fantastic agent and altogether wonderful human being.

Esther was the realtor who sold a house for my family and me in 2018. Esther exceeded our expectations. We got more for the house than we asked for. Her insight and experience were helpful in deciding what repairs and updates were needed to get the best offers. The house was a probate sale. Esther's knowledge of probate laws was impressive. She was able to help us navigate through all that extra paperwork. In the end we had 37 offers on the house to choose from. I will definitely use Esther as my realtor in the future.

When we sold our parents home, it was bitter sweet. Through a friend of ours we contacted Esther Viera. She even came to the house and planted flowers for the open house! She is definitely someone we would contact again!

Esther acted professionally and went out of her way to make this a successful transaction. she commended with the expertise in handling this sale with a minimal amount of problems. She advises on what to do to help the sale of the house and it made all the difference. If someone asked me for an agent, she is at the top of my list. When I had concerns about the service, in the beginning, Esther steps up to the plate. Overall, she did more than expected.

I met Esther through a friend of mine. I asked him if she was a top producer and his answer surprises me. He said NO, if you want a top producer don't call Esther, but if you wish to get Quality Service, she's the one!She did an excellent job. I would highly recommend her for her communication skills, her help with negotiating the contract, her knowledge is so well informed, and last but least not because we think she is a top producer, but because she made us feel special.

We were referred to Esther by our loan officer. We had mentioned that working with this other agent was very stressful. Our loan officer said to us, "Looking for your home should be an exciting adventure, not stressful". The next day we met with Esther for a consultation. She asks questions about what we liked in a home, did we entertain, did we want a pool, etc. We've been in our home for awhile now and still in love with it from the day Esther found our beautiful house.

Esther is an exceptional agent; she went above and beyond to help me. Esther met with several workers at the house so that I wouldn't have to take time off from work and she helped me research how to solve a big plumbing problem. Esther supplied me with excellent advice about selling the house. She cared for all teh details and answered all of my questions.

Esther Viera is the only real estate agent I would ever return to. She is fabulous. We speak very highly for her. On the Quality Service Survey, we were asked overall how would you rate your agent? Overall, we gave Ester a five-star rating.

Alex and I have enjoyed many wonderful years here in our happy home. Both my parents are gone to heaven now but the memories will last forever. Our two daughters have grown up and are becoming sweet young ladies with big hearts. Watching our kids grow up in our dream home has been joyous. Owning my own home was my one dream/goal after we were married. We think oftenand tell the story to our friends about Esther who sold us our home. God Bless you and your family.

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